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What to expect from Fire & Ice 2023

This year’s Fire & Ice show is called Beyond Our Wildest Dreams and will tell the story of the iGaming industry from the first online wager in 1994 to the present day.  

Featuring surrealist surroundings, the event will aim to honour the pioneers that have developed the industry since its inception.

Fire & Ice Co-Organiser Michael Caselli said: “I have been involved in the iGaming industry since 1997, and I have had the incredible privilege to watch it grow, through the efforts of some wonderful friends and colleagues, into something that has exceeded our wildest dreams.  

“This year’s show tells that story and is itself - beyond our wildest dreams.” 

The show will feature “360-degree” entertainment throughout the evening, with a five-act stage event designed to capture key moments in the industry’s history.  

This year marks the 20th iteration of Fire & Ice and will bring together representatives from across the industry.  

The show will also feature stage illusionists,Play Casino Online including the illusion artist Johannes Stoetter. This is in addition to aerial artist Leo Hedman and the Fuel Girls dance troupe.  

There will also be music from Peter Samson, as well from DJ John J-Joy Refalo and other London-based DJ acts.  

Fire & Ice Co-Organiser Jodie Thind added: “Keeping the mood and spirits high for everyone, Fire & Ice is pleased to announce its collaboration with Gaba Labs and Sentia Spirits, who bring non-alcoholic, mood enhancing shots to guests choosing not to drink alcohol.” 

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